Drawing and designing have been my favourite hobby. I found that I really liked drawing when I was stuying in the university. Most of the times when I spent time stuying at the library and take I break I draw some characters or illustrate anything that came to my mind.

Here I will present some of my drawing eathir traditional and digital. I usually draw more traditional art because of how fast and easy it is to make.

Traditional Art

Most of my traditional art illustrations are made of ink. I like the contrast between black and white and how I can build shadows.

Digital Art

Another "medium" that I really like to draw with is digital. The possibilities that this medium opens are endless and it's really fun to play with.


Some of my work is about illustration!. Some logos for restaurants and for music bands, as well as my final degree project.


I use social media to share my work sometimes. Lately I have been doing videos for Youtube and my lastest video is the Peace Maker drawing video.


Since "Inktober 2017" I started making drawing videos and adding some scenes from my daily life. I already have made 35 videos!. This is my lastest video un Youtube "Peace Maker".


As many artist I use instagram to share my drawing more frequently. Is focused on photos and images so it's easier to use for this case.


What tools do I use?. Well nothing really special but is always nice to share


I have Mac as my main computer right now, a little bit pricy but really responsive and nice for work.

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Wacom Intuos Pro

My main digital tablet. The best that I had and recommended for everyone.

Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils are the main tool for an artist. I use more pens than anything else and I have a very good variety. Some of them are really cheap and others are a little bit more premium, but it's not the tool who makes the artist.

  • Pentel Brush Pen
  • Copic Fountain Pen
  • Staedtler Lead Holder
  • Pilot pens
  • Uni Pin pens
  • Uni Signo white pen.
  • Bic gel pen (fine tip)
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Alvaro Fernandez

I studied in Spain Electrical Engineering, I worked for 2 years in my country and then I move to asia to search a better future.